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Stable, completely versatile and extremely durable, the Connect-A-Dock system is easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.  The modular float sections can be assembled into a variety of attractive configurations, then rearranged, season after season

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The total design versatility of Connect-A-Dock means that every dock is unique! The modules can be connected end to end or side to side allowing you to configure them as long or as wide as you want. With an assortment of sizes and accessories, Connect-A-Dock is perfect for numerous applications in water or on land. Its 5 minute (per module) attachment system means easy installation and the rotationally molded polyethylene construction ensures years of dependable service





Dimensions: 90" x 120" x 10"

Shipping Dimensions: 120.00 H x 95.00 W x 40.00 D

Shipping Weight: 425.0 lbs

1000 Series-Low Profile with the 8" freeboard, this floating dock system is best suited for smaller bodies of water and/or coves that are protected from large waves. This floating dock is ideal forswimming,fishing,boating. Its low profile provides an excellent transition for boats such as Jon boats, Kayaks, Canoes, and Sculls. You can build swim platforms, walkways for wetlands and marshy areas as well as any style of dock your imagination will create.


  • Gray Oak color

  • The FS1120 low profile section is molded of maintenance-free polyethylene with connector sockets for simple and slip-fit connectors.

  • Wood grain antiskid surface

  • UV protected

  • Our products are hollow with no polystyrene beads (environmentally friendly)

  • Color is throughout the wall. If you scratch it, it will be the same color.

  • Closely spaced support ribs provide rigidity underfoot, while the unique design of the float chambers trap air on the surface of the water for additional buoyancy.

  • Maximum floatation 2800 lbs per section

  • Salt water safe

  • 8-year product warranty

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