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permafloat float drums

We offer Permafloat float drums. They carry a 15 year warranty. There are over 40 sizes ranging from 2'x3'x12'' all the way up to 4'x8'x32''  We stock over 20 sizes at our location.  These floats have .150 nominal wall thickness and are rotational molded from virgin grade materials with UV inhibitors assuring long life. The polyethylene shell is unaffected by saltwater, oil, gasoline and most chemicals.  These floats are completely foam filled using a 1  to 1.5 density EPS.  All floats feature a flat top configuration, a vent plug, and a molded heavy duty mounting flange and slots.  All of our floats meet Corps of Engineers Regulation #36 CFR Part 327, absorption test and falling dart test.


4' x 6' x 16''

4' x 4' x 16''

4' x 8' x 16''



  • Heavy Wall Thickness (nominal .150)

  • One Piece Rotational Molded Drum

  • Foam Filled (1.0 - 1.5 lbs. per cf)

  • Virgin Grade Polyethylene Material

  • UV Inhibitors

  • Molded in Mounting Slots

  • Heavy Duty Mounting Flanges

  • 15 Year Full Warranty

  • Meets Corps of Engineers Regulation #36 CFR Part 327

  • Meets or Exceeds All Absorption Tests

  • Meets or Exceeds All Falling Dart Tests

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